PSX-P Beta 1 Released - Playstation Emulator dla PSP

PSX-P Beta 1 Released - Playstation Emulator dla PSP

Postprzez Sweet Tooth » 25 wrz 2006, 19:38

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PSX-P Beta 1 Released - Playstation Emulator for PSP

Yoshihiro has released the first public release of his PSX-P Playstation One emulator for the PSP. This first public release is a good demonstration of what could be in time an excellent Playstation Emulator for the PSP, once a dynarec is built in then Sony will have reason to worry or worry us .

This emulator works on PSPs from ver1.0 to v2.71 obviously after v1.5 youll need to use the Eloader.


Translation of release information by Video Freak

Here is the first public release of Psx-P, beta 1. Please do not forget that this is just a beta version and that there is still a long way to go before

we reach our goal. (I'm guessing full speed emulation.)


PSX-P is a PS1 emulator programmed (written) by Yoshiro. The games must be in ISO or BIN format. You can therefore make images of the
games you own without having to buy them again on the internet. For legal purposes, we are not supplying you with the SCPH1001.BIN file,
which is the PS1 bios.

What's new?

In the current version of this emulator, the overall speed is slow because of the absence of an optimized dynaric (dynamic recomplier).
Dark_Alex should be getting to that part of the emulator soon (after he finishes his HEN on 2.71).

So here we have a beta version in our hands, and we're ready to share it with you.

The versions on PSP_GENERATION have been compressed in a way that lets you decompress it directly to your PSP memory stick. You will
need winrar installed (winrar is much better than winzip).

-Download the appropriate version for your firmware.
-Connect your PSP to your computer through USB.
-Right-click on the file you have just downloaded.
-Click on "extract".
-Choose your PSP's drive letter.
-Click on ok. That's it.

Where do you put the bios?
In the folder called BIOS inside the folder called PxsP (ms0:/PSP/GAME/__SCE__psxp/bios).

Where to put your roms?
In the folder called Rom inside the folder called PxsP (ms0:/PSP/GAME/__SCE__psxp/rom).

How to run the homebrew?

PSP1.0 and 1.5: Game>memory stick>Psx-P
PSP 2.00-2.60: install eLoader 0.9.8 and use the picture viewer to launch it.

Tu macie jakies screeny z tego emu:

Powrót do PlayStation Portable

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